Neumiller Sproule Farm

 The Neumiller family and  Sproule Farms has been an enjoyable and productive partnership! Starting on a handshake in 1997, we continue to expand our horizons into new crops. We generally grow potatoes in Illinois, but have planted a variety of other crops as well such as carrots, canning pumpkins and sweet corn. This valuable and fertile irrigated land is ideal for growing these crops and in turn has been largely successful.

The potatoes grown on this land are processing potatoes used for making potato chips and salads. Much of our crop is sent field to factory to a near by chip plant. Depending on the time of year, much of our crop goes from the field to a bag of potato chips in as little as 4-24 hours! 

Neumiller Sproule Farm information  and YouTube videos provided by Sproule Farms

Neumiller Sproule Farm video