Neumiller Farms, a third generation potato and vegetable farm was started in Wisconsin by

Fred Neumiller over 70 years ago. In 1974 farm land was purchased in Hanover located in northwest Illinois.  

In 1979 the operations headquarters were moved to Savanna, Illinois located along the Mississippi River. Over the years the farm operation has expanded to include farm land in Cordova and Erie, Illinois. 

The family run farm has employees who have been with the operation for over 40 years.

Potatoes grown are for processing, salads and for chips.  Green beans, sweet corn, field corn and soybeans are grown in rotation.

Fred Neumiller

Fred Neumiller

Mission Statement

Neumiller Farms, Inc. is  a full-service farm supplying world class customers with quality agricultural products.  We are committed to doing the job right with every crop, 

every load and every day. 

      Our mission will be accomplished through a combination of:

  • Cost effective and efficient farming operations
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Securing us as a preferred supplier to our customers through superior marketing approaches
  • Giving back to the community where possible and feasible

Always building on our long standing strong reputation in our farming community we will continue to grow our farm and our business to ensure long term success.

Tom Neumiller

Tom Neumiller